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Mr. Sean Bohan

Photo of Sean Bohan

Sr. High English & Social Teacher

Phone: (780)755-3810

I came to Edgerton in 2001 after four years at Berry Creek in Cessford, which is in the desert part of Alberta.  I suppose living there was like living in Saskatchewan, because it is very flat, although there were fewer Saskatchiwiniers/whiners/weiners (?) than I have encountered in Edgerton. I'm not really sure what to call those folks over there.  I suppose I could Google it.  Nah.  I now teach High School English and Social Studies, and occasionally Art.  I am an unrepentant smoker and bibliophile, so I fully appreciate and understand opposing yet curiously compatible dichotomies, including good and evil (English), left and right (Social), and pointy-end down - pointy-end up (Art).