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Miss Carrie Herbert

Photo of Carrie Herbert

Office Assistant

Phone: (780)755-3810

After several years providing support to the Edgerton School through subbing, I have joined the staff on a part-time basis.  My role is to provide admin support in the office as well as oversee the Learning Commons Facility.  Each week I look forward to the days when it is my privilege to serve and interact with students and staff in the office and LCF.  I love reading and have fond memories of hours lost in a story world.  I have learned so much through the characters in both the classics such as The Lord of the Rings and more recent publications such as Hatchet.  I am always inspired when I see a student focused on or in a story.  Our LCF has so much potential to be a hub for growth, stimulation and conversation.  My hope is to see it flourish over the next few years and to see a major increase in use.

I am a graduate of Edgerton Public School and returned to make Edgerton my home, once again, after exploring the world for 20 years.  I love to garden, read, hike, spend time with friends, family and my two cats who share my home.  I believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and grace.  I believe that love and forgiveness can change the world.  I believe in our students and am confident in their potential to make the world a better place.